Vajapayee Arogyasri Scheme, Karnataka aims to improve access of BPL families towards quality tertiary medical care for treatment of
identified diseases involving hospitalization, surgery and therapies through an identified network of health care providers.
IT Solution (iSprint Payer Solution Powered by HealthSprint Networks Pvt. Ltd.) deployed for the Vajapayee Arogyasri Scheme,
Karnataka has been designed in emphasising the connectivity of stakeholder.

  • iSprint Payer Solution enables Seamless & timely exchange of information between VAS ( SAST) & Hospitals for providing best services to patients. This necessitates following processes to be more efficient:
    1. Pre-Authorization
    2. Discharge Summary & Billing
    3. Validation of Submitted Info
    4. Payment of Claims
  • Enabled Payer Provider Network
    1. To provide more effective process and work-flow for information and money flow between Hospitals and VAS (SAST) end to end paperless .

Solution Core Modules

Value Proposition for Stake Holders
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